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The Isihos Brothers grew up on a small island off Greece. They knew their destiny awaited them in America. So, in 1972 Mike and Nick were the first to arrive in Philadelphia and then to New Jersey. Here Mike and Nick quickly learned how to cook. Over the next four years, Mike and Nick worked at various restaurants, learning all they could to fulfill their dreams.

In 1981, the third brother, Louie came to America. He was working on the cruise lines and came here to visit. He liked this country and saw opportunity, so he also began working in the restaurant business. In 1985, Mike and Louie founded the Pegasus I Restaurant. At that time, it was a small pizzeria with 45 seats. They agreed to lease it for one year from the Canena Family. Mike was the chef and Louie the pizza man. After the first year, Mike and Louie decided to purchase the business for themselves. Nick, at this time, owned a grocery store in New York.

After four years he joined his brothers in Malaga, NJ. Within two years their success brought the need to add two additional dining rooms. Pegasus I was transformed into a comfortable dinner restaurant, seating almost 200 customers. Last year a service bar was also added. In 1993 the five brothers, Mike, Louie, Nick, Erik, and Fotis formed a partnership and celebrated the grand opening of Pegasus II Restaurant in Vineland. Their father lived long enough to enjoy his sons’ many successes. Their mother still lives in Greece and visits every year.



Our dining experience is very spacious and has a comfortable atomosphere.
Experience an excellent variety of both Greek and American featured cuisine freshly prepared and served by our professional dining staff. We also offer many custom prepared dishes during all breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Please ask about our specials as well, which include fresh and local flavors featured in our menu each month! And on your way out don’t forget to try out one of our many baked and classic desserts made fresh daily.


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